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[Top 10] Best Brunch Toronto in 2021


10 Best Brunch Toronto

The art of brunching is an artistic expression that has been mastered by the people of Toronto. Weekend brunches, especially in the summertime, are something we’re known for. A diverse mix of cultures and ethnicities gives the city a unique flavour that is amplified by the restaurants and cafes that decide to cater to locals’ inner brunch artists. The best brunch in Toronto is the ones that give you something new while also satisfying your more traditional cravings.

If we’re honest, we usually go for the brunch items that sound the most indulgent (pancakes, anyone?), but that doesn’t mean your brunch doesn’t have to be healthy if that’s what you’re craving. With so many different options available, the best brunches are the ones you set out to find, whether that’s at your favorite brunch spot or a new place that’s been buzzing about town. From the classics to the unique, here are my picks for the top brunches in Toronto that are definitely worth every last bite.

1. Drake Commissary:

If it’s fresh, inventive cuisine you’re after hit up the Drake Commissary. Serving up some of the most inventive, creative dishes in the city, Drake Commissary is the perfect spot to hit up with friends and family. Since 2004, this Toronto staple has been a known destination for food of the highest calibre. It’s become a known location for anyone who is looking for a unique dining experience. If you like to follow on the heels and trends, hit up the breakfast menu for some homemade pastries and unique takes on Canadian classics. The pastrami hash is the perfect example of this. The dish is served with three over-easy eggs and a runny yolk. While you’re there, you should also try the braised veal tongue on brioche. Even if it’s not on the menu, ask your server if they can accommodate. The kitchen team is known for producing unique, made-from-scratch offerings for brunch that you can’t find anywhere else in the city.

2. Mildred’s Temple Kitchen:

If your idea of the perfect brunch Toronto is sophistication, then you’ll want to head to one of Toronto’s most creative restaurants for brunch. Mildred’s Temple Kitchen is a cornerstone of Leslieville, and it was recently renovated to accommodate an even classier set of diners. Seasonal cocktails are the ‘in’ drink at Mildred’s (try the spicy Aperol concoction if that’s your thing), but also look for the house Bloody Mary shakers full to the brim with house cure pickles (they are delicious). The brunch menu is hugely satisfying and includes classics like French toast, eggs benedict, and avocado toast, but it’s also where the chef pulls out all the stops with offerings like the Coconut Cake French Toast (a take on a childhood classic with a deep and decadent finish), as well as innovative takes on other recognizable items like Corned Beef Hash and New York Cheesecake Pancakes. Save room for a final dessert course, featuring a very well thought out menu, because what’s brunch without blueberry buttermilk pancakes, right?

3. Smith:

Smith, a truly local venue, which can easily accommodate your needs for your private party or family event, brings the cozy comforts of family holiday dinner to the table every time you step into its warm space, and we swear by that. Serving damn good pub grub with lots of beers on tap sure keeps things to home, even if you are visiting the most happening part of the city. Their Weekend Brunch Toronto is one of the reasons why people flock here, and we recommend you make your way there on a Sunday to get your fill of their Brunch menu. They are famous for their ever-impressive Croque monsieurs and oozy scrambled eggs. If you happen to be there in the evenings, we recommend you order their very popular and fresh pistachio waffles.

4. Café Cancan

Café Cancan takes users back to another time with its interior design. The warm lights, classic colour scheme all contribute to creating the right ambiance for a pleasant, classic coffee shop experience. Café Cancan has become a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. Its popularity is indeed due to its location, it’s chief Victor Barry and the French menu that enriches your culinary experience with every bite. From wild mushroom ragoût to brioche French toast and eggs en cocotte, Café Cancan is one of the best bets for brunch in Toronto. For those with a taste and appreciation for classic French cuisine, the café offers an elegant and cozy ambiance to dine, quench the hunger, or simply to escape from the hectic pace of the city.

5. Dirty Food Eatery:

Dirty Food Eatery is the next best thing to meeting your best friends at your friend’s favourite brunch Toronto spot on a nice weekend morning. Once you set foot into this personality-packed eatery, you have no choice but to be your best self. Their “dirty” version of other classic brunch items is just what you’re looking for when you are feeling adventurous. So, if you’re looking for a sunny spot to enjoy the start of your Sunday, this is just the place. From spicy house mayo to mouth-watering curry, Dirty Folks Eatery is everything you need to start the day—and trust us; you need to start the day in style right now. Their fried green tomatoes may be one of the most popular items that make it onto everyone’s tables. That’s a pretty big sign that they are worth a try.

6. La Palma:

Elegant, airy, and an absolute must for the Instagram-obsessed, La Palma has long been a fixture of Toronto’s trendy Trinity-Bellwoods neighbourhood. Aside from its charm and quality cuisine, what makes La Palma an outstanding brunch destination is its commitment to rolling up the enormous, garage-door-style windows when the weather is warm enough, allowing sunny days and beautiful city views to wash over tables crammed with beautifully presented dishes of Spanish-Mediterranean fare. Whether you choose to get up at the crack of dawn to experience their ginormous Saturday/Sunday brunch buffet or sample from their delicious menu, you’ll definitely want to have a few items from their creative cocktail menu with you to enjoy with your meal. Dishes are artfully plated, and you’ll need your A-game not to snap a few of them on your Insta. (But if you do, be sure to tag them!) Whether you are after the ambiance, the food, the drinks, or the host of beautiful people, this is definitely the place to indulge in the best of what this city has to offer.

7. Pearl Harbourfront Chinese Cuisine:

Want to sit down and enjoy an authentic dim sum meal in the most relaxing setting? If so, the iconic Pearl Chinese Cuisine is for you. Serving locals, professionals, and tourists alike for over 30 years, now this Toronto staple destination continues to embody both tradition and innovation. Let me tell you what. Conveniently located on the shores of Lake Ontario, this restaurant is known for its signature dishes, especially its mouth-watering dim sum famous across the city (and you should try them out for yourself). There are many dining options to choose from, whether you’d like to eat with your friends, family, colleagues, or even a date. Make sure you come hungry since the portions and food quality are always worth coming back for.

8. Lady Marmalade:

Lady Marmalade, since its inception in 2009, has been consistently updating the Leslieville social scene, drawing in crowds of people that enjoy tasty, succulent food while having a wonderful time with friends over the weekend. From eccentric art on the walls to pimped-out pink interiors, this place has a hip, effortless feel. Whether you go for brunch, lunch, or just a Sunday drink, you’re bound to have a fantastic time. The lemony finish to their Raspberry Soda makes it a must-have on any visit.

9. Pow Wow Cafe

This unassuming cafe and kitchen is an unexpected oasis of outstanding food. Composed by a chef with deep connections to Indian cuisine, Pow Wow Cafe in Kensington blends a rich culinary profile with a welcoming and creative atmosphere. Also, having joined its coolness is an outstanding cocktail and beer list. This remarkably cosmopolitan venue wears many hats, and its interior complements a menu that defies expectations for ethnic food. Inspired by spicy Indian cuisines, the fare is vibrant and presents a world of flavors.

10. Maha’s

Maha’s Egyptian Brunch Toronto is nothing like the ordinary North American brunch. Most people coming in only want the cardamom-honey latte, which is practically a ritual among locals. But that doesn’t diminish the appeal of their equally delicious dishes: try, for example, the fava bean dish (just around $8), or the excellent aubergine cooked in pistachio, or the pumpkin brioche ($9 per slice).

Whether you’re looking for a casual bite to eat or a classy brunch Toronto, there is a special place for you. Regardless of what your preferences are, the city is sure to have something on its menu for you, whether you like your eggs sunny side up or your pancakes topped with creme fraiche. All you have to do is take a walk through neighborhoods like the Queen West area of Leslieville, and you’ll have no problem finding the perfect pick for your next weekend brunch. Breakfast will never be the same once you come here!


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