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[Top 16] Best coworking spaces in Montreal

Best coworking spaces in Montreal

Shared (and creative!) workspaces are increasingly popular in the metropolis. They can be found in virtually every part of the city and are crowded at all hours of the day.

In fact, the number of entrepreneurs in Montreal is on the rise. Thus, these rental environments allow self-employed workers to break the isolation of working at home while networking.

Here are 15 coworking spaces to discover in the 514.

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Montreal CoWork – Open during COVID-19

4388 Saint-Denis Street – Suite 200 (Plateau Mont-Royal)

With its 252 open-plan workstations – not to mention its closed offices, meeting rooms and war room – Montreal Cowork is one of the largest workspaces in the city. Many benefits are offered to members, including relaxation areas, a rooftop terrace, office automation services, numerous training and conferences, as well as on-site mentoring. Finally, 125 parking spaces and 24 Communauto are also available on site.

-Work schedule: Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Aire Commune – Temporary closed

5705 de Gaspé Street (Mile-End)

Canada’s first outdoor workplace and gathering place, Aire Commune is a space for coworking, networking and outdoor events. A program of conferences, workshops and festive events is offered and it is possible to rent the two meeting rooms (8 and 14 people) free of charge from Monday to Friday, from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. It is also the best terrace to do your happy hour on a beautiful summer day.

On the menu: beers, cocktails, snacks, BBQ and concerts. And your dogs are accepted on the site! Please note that the space will close its doors in mid-September.

-Work schedule: Monday – 9am to 9pm, Tuesday and Wednesday – 9am to 10pm, Thursday and Friday – 9am to 11pm

Crew Collective

360 Saint-Jacques Street (Old Montreal)

Built in a former bank, this coworking space is breathtaking. In a grandiose decor, you will find a collective space, private offices, conference rooms for 1 to 8 people and a lounge section. A café is also available for everyone (not only for members), but you should know that a kitchen is also available for your daily use.

-Work schedule: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Met Space – Open during COVID-19

  • 6205 Boulevard des Grandes-Prairies, Saint-Léonard, QC H1P 1A5
  • 2020 Trans Canada Highway #107, Dorval, QC, H9P 2N4

Considered to be one of the best coworking space in Montreal. Metspace is a friendly and stimulating co-working space located in the greater Montreal area. They currently offer two locations, either in Saint-Léonard or on West Island. They are committed to creating a collaborative co-working community in Montreal for passionate individuals, entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and professionals. If you are looking for a stimulating co-working space that has a lot to offer, that’s the go-to place.

-Work schedule: Monday to Friday – 9am to 5pm

Halte 24/7 – Open during COVID-19

4284, Rue de La Roche (Plateau Mont-Royal)

This dynamic and design coworking space is ideal to encourage creativity.

The 21 closed offices, 35 dedicated shared area stations, 18 open access stations, 6 conference rooms and various common areas total 12,000 square feet and are spread over four floors. Please note that various networking events, conference breakfasts, happy hour, thematic dinners are organized on a monthly basis and that a terrace is available during the summer.

-Work schedule: Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


5455, Av de Gaspé – 7th floor (Mile-End)

Originally from Amsterdam, Spaces has over 100 offices worldwide. The Montreal branch is a 30,000 square foot loft with collaborative areas, teamwork rooms, shared workspaces, fully equipped meeting rooms, furnished private offices and a coffee shop. A complete calendar of professional events is also available to members.

-Work schedule: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.


3, Place Ville Marie – suite 400 and 1275, Av des Canadiens-de-Montréal (Downtown)

WeWork is an international network of coworking spaces. Thus, in addition to workstations (assigned or not), various private offices are available and can accommodate up to 50 people! On-site IT support is available, as well as office supplies, professional printers and postal services. Coffee and water infused with fresh fruit are available at will and bicycle storage is also available to members.

-Work schedule: 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.–QC

La Gare

5333, Av Casgrain – Suite 102

The Station offers a very large space with a minimalist and luminous design. A person employed by the space is assigned to greet customers, no need to hire a secretary. By organizing 2 to 3 events per week, a real community is created in these Mile-End offices. The last B-Corp accreditation event was attended by over 100 people.

The Station relies on several partnerships to offer quality services to its members: Telus for WiFi, Keurig for coffee, but not only. When a company arrives at La Gare, they are offered to do a health check to see if everything has been thought of: like accounting or data protection, etc. You want to check the level of creativity of your project? You can meet with a Ubisoft expert to challenge the challenger. Several experts in different fields are there to help.

The occupancy rate is around 80% for 78 seats: a table with about 20 seats in the public space, 53 fixed seats and 5 floating desks. La Gare often hosts the Wagon (we can say that they found each other well), an intensive nine-week training course that teaches its participants how to code. The Wagon takes up a good part of the public space, which increases the occupancy rate of the space quite a bit when the training is given.

Dok Station – OPEN during COVID-19

1176 Bishop St, Montreal, QC H3G 2E3

One of the most popular places to work today, it offers large workspaces at reasonable prices, with offers divided into several packages depending on what you need. The basic package will cover your communication needs in addition to providing you with a dedicated place to work, and you can upgrade to advanced packages that will give you access to a Wi-Fi connection, additional communication features and even a private office if you feel like you need to work in solitude for the day.

Of course, access to private facilities costs a little more, and you may need to call ahead to see if they have something available if you catch them at their busier times.

Temps Libre – Open during COVID-19

5605, Av de Gaspé

Located in the heart of the Mile-End since March 2016, this cooperative offers many services to its members, as well as to non-members. Temps Libre is actually divided into three sections: the coworking space with offices, a large kitchen with a section for children and a work space for the public completely free. Yes, even the coffee shop. Although the public section is available from 10 am to 5 pm, it can be reserved for events. Members of the offices have access at all times with their magnetic card.

Each office can be reserved for 290$ per month and can be sublet if the tenant wishes. With an occupancy rate of over 95%, the space brings together social entrepreneurs and social actors such as NGOs or NPOs, as well as self-employed workers. Temps Libre should soon be reorganized in order to increase its capacity.

The bonus: access with a terrace that gives a breathtaking view of Mount Royal and the eastern part of the city.

ECTO – Open during COVID-19

936, Av du Mont-Royal

Located in the heart of the Plateau Mont-Royal in a magnificent, newly renovated loft, ECTO is a cooperative coworking allowing entrepreneurs and independent workers to work in a vibrant community, in a creative and versatile space that reflects their image. A pioneer of coworkings in Montreal since 2009 and with a strong network of members – more than a hundred – ECTO combines the best of an inspiring professional environment with the freedom of nomadic workers.

Notman House

51 Sherbrooke St W, Montreal, QC H2X 1X2

A non-traditional co-working space, this one is more focused on creating a place for start-ups in general, and they have more serious offers for those looking for a more complex package. Don’t be afraid to check out what they have to offer in terms of co-working opportunities, as the owners put a lot of effort into making this place one of the best in the region. It’s relatively well connected to the public transportation system as well.

Be sure to talk around and explore the projects that other people are doing in the area, as you will often have the opportunity to connect with like-minded people with lots of creative ideas.

Esplanade – Open during COVID-19

6750, Av de l’Esplanade – Suite 102

The space, which has just blown out its two candles, is located at the crossroads of several districts: Villeray, Little Italy, Mile-EX and Parc Ex. The Esplanade brings together several companies working in social innovation: any company that tries to solve societal issues in a systemic way. Some self-employed people who share these ideas also rent the premises.

A calm and relaxed atmosphere emanates from these bright offices with an occupancy rate of 70%. Collaboration among members is strongly encouraged. It is also important to mention the hammock room.
In addition to the offices, several services are offered to residents: peer mentoring, meeting rooms that can accommodate up to twenty people. In addition, an accompaniment program is offered to resident companies for up to 6 months. L’Esplanade thus takes on the role of incubator, pre-incubator, gas pedal of social innovation projects as well as community manager.

Le Tableau Blanc – Currently closed

900 Lacasse Street

The Whiteboard claims to be one of the most innovative spaces in the city and they are probably right! Here, everything is done to promote business creativity. Whether it is decoration, natural light, greenery or works of art, this space in St-Henri is constantly changing. The layout of the space changes often, it is possible that when you come back on a Monday, the furniture will not be in the same place. Speaking of furniture, they are all for sale. Each piece of furniture sold will allow you to buy a new one.

Every six months, Le Tableau Blanc organizes a vernissage and takes the opportunity to change its decoration.

The space is available 24 hours a day for members who can manage everything thanks to a very ingenious Montreal mobile application: Sparkgrid. With this application, it is possible to open the door, reserve meeting rooms, manage your billing. The app even has a Slack messaging service.

Nomad Nation

129, Av Van Horne

NOMAND Nation est un studio de création/production situé dans un bâtiment de 10 000 pieds carrés près des voies du Mile End. En tant que membre, vous avez un accès 24 heures sur 24, 7 jours sur 7, mais vous pouvez également louer une partie du bâtiment pour toutes sortes de projets.

Ce qui rend NOMAD spécial, c’est non seulement la communauté créative qui l’entoure, mais aussi le streaming en direct, la vidéo, les événements et les services créatifs que nous fournissons avec dévouement. Les musiciens, photographes, cinéastes, promoteurs d’événements et artistes apprécient la flexibilité et la liberté de la méthode NOMAD.

GamePlay Space / L’Espace Ludique

1435 St Alexander St Suite 140, Montreal, QC H3A 2G4

For something more specialized, if you’re involved in the local game developer community, you owe it to yourself to check out GamePlay Space. This one is dedicated to people working on games, in teams or solo, and even if you don’t want to connect to other developers at the moment, you can still benefit greatly from wandering and exploring what others are working on.

After all, game development is largely fueled by inspiration and observation of other people’s work, so joining a co-work space that gives you the opportunity to do so should be a great boost to your productivity. Needless to say, if you care more about your own idea, it may be wise to keep it secret if you don’t want someone to steal an important part of it.

Is there enough coworking spaces in Montreal?

There’s a lot of coworking spaces in Montreal and it surely not for everyone, but if you’re looking for an inspiring workspace that will allow you to meet extraordinary people it’s probably the right solution. You will probably also be interested in discovering the best waste-free grocery stores.



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