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[Top 12 ]Where to find the best Portuguese chicken in Montreal

Where to find the best Portuguese chicken in Montreal

Bagels and smoked meat are not the best dishes in Montreal: Montreal’s Portuguese chicken is also recognized around the world. From Little Portugal to the Plateau to the city’s neighbourhoods, there are a ton of places where you can enjoy delicious portuguese chicken on charcoal.

When Portuguese chicken is accompanied by the best poutine in Montreal, it is an equally interesting choice and one of the most affordable meals in Montreal, no matter when it is served.

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Did you know that? Montreal is not only known for its poutine, tacos or sugar shacks, the Portuguese community offers Montrealers delicious chicken!

Where you’ll find the best Portuguese chicken in Montreal?

1. Ma Poule Mouillée

Many Montrealers will argue that Tony Alves and his well-kept secrets of deliciously grilled birds and fiery piri Piri sauce are the best Portuguese chicken in town. A fellow disciple of Romados for twenty years, Alves is an undisputed authority on Portuguese food.

It’s hard to argue that Alves has some of the best poutine between the two, but we will definitely admit that Romados’ air is not as smoky as MPM’s.

2. Barroso

Once we tasted this Portuguese chicken at this restaurant with two locations, we realized it is one of the city’s best.

Alberto Barroso first set foot in the city in the 1950s to work at establishments throughout the city before opening his own restaurants, ones that continue to delight customers with succulent grilled chicken slices in crispy thin slices and our favorite potatoes. Taking out isn’t really an option here, so you’ll be glad you sat down to eat.

3. Campo

A Ferreira family restaurant is good, and Campo was no different. It’s considered among the best restaurants in Downtown Montreal and is no less excellent than their inimitable seafood restaurant, Ferreira Café.

Here we have a chicken-focused restaurant that has become a local institution, earning a spot in our hearts and stomachs in hardly less than two months since they opened in 2016.

4. Rotisserie Portugalia

You may wonder where that wonderful smell is coming from on St. Laurent Boulevard corner in Rachel. I assure you it is this.

Off the more beaten path, this is one of our favorite places to take friends and family to catch up and have a few glasses of wine in a cozy environment. We’re inclined to believe that this restaurant’s chicken is so delicious because of its secret marinade.

5. Jano

There are many Portuguese eateries on the Plateau, and their dining room is frequently packed with local residents tucking into an elaborate meal consisting of grilled meats and seafood, topped off with a hot bowl of traditional Caldo Verde.

You can’t go wrong with the seafood in this menu. From rabbit and ribs to squid and sardines, everything’s great except for the chicken, which deserves its own section. The hot dogs will go down a treat with the hot sauce.

6. Cantine Emilia

It’s worth stopping by this fledgling operation, started by a Ma Poule Mouillée > Romads co-founder, if you’re in the MPM camp.

Instead of merely stealing ideas from the original establishment, Pedro Medina added hot dogs, chorizo popcorn, cheese curd sandwiches, and really good chicken to the menu. Jarry Park is nearby, so it’s a convenient location.

7. Oco Rico

A counter service Portuguese restaurant on the Main claims to be the first Portuguese eatery in Montreal, since its opening in 1970. While that may be true, we can verify that any of their rotisserie meals are worthy of a return visit.

As you walk down the street, the place stands out as they stack the birds high in the morning, only to have a few left by the end of the day. Their potato bag was full of juices from their rotating chickens.

8. Poulet 3 Pattes

Being a unique addition to Montreal’s Portuguese chicken offerings,

Three-footed chicken is located on the west side of Rosemont-La Petite-Patri which serves charcoal-fired seafood, sausages, and chickens upon chickens. They have all-you-can-eat chicken and fries for $15 on Sundays.

9. Viana

The late Carlos Costa came from a village in northern Portugal and started working at Jano in Lasalle in the early 1980s, where he worked for 30 years.

Then he took what he learned and opened this family-run gem on the west side of the island. Is it better than Jano? Additionally, they have some seriously excellent desserts and cod croquetas to accompany their chicken.

10. O Cantinho

If you’re a regular there, cantinho chicken is great, and you can also earn loyalty points if you shop there. St. Michel Market is another Montreal flea market you shouldn’t miss.

During the afternoon, you can enjoy the best of both worlds: cheap eats and cheap shopping that can’t be beat anywhere else in the city.

11. Imperio

On the northern side of the island, this informal eatery devoted to making Portuguese chicken uses coals to cook. It’s undisputed champion for Portuguese chicken.

There are almost two dozen items to choose from, including both chicken and seafood. Many say that the food here is as tasty as the chicken, so why not try both at once?

12. Grillado’s

When it comes to Portuguese chicken in Manhattan, there are casual spots and restaurants that serve table service, but Grillado’s sits right in the middle, making it just as good either way: for a quick bite or a platter serving five people.

Additionally, this Halal-friendly establishment serves pita sandwiches, kebabs, and naan bread.

13. Grillades Da Silva

The charcoal-grilled chicken spot in its nearby restaurants in Côte-des-Neiges and the Gay Village is king for those who live near either of those locations.

The chicken cuts are always popular, so it may be best to order in advance in order to get one of their steaks or fries rolled in Montreal steak spice.

Between the two locations, the top pick’s the Village address for its proximity to the best things to do in Downtown Montreal.

14. Bocado Grill

It is usually informal restaurants serving Portuguese chicken that draw the most attention, however this long restaurant still maintains a touch of class with its plate presentation and menus highlighting Portuguese wines.

When you drive past the restaurant, hidden in a strip mall with the same black awning as its neighbors, you might not notice that the meal is memorable.

Dining in the wood paneling, which is made of past wine crates they’ve received over the years, is even more enjoyable than just eating to go.

15. Boca Boa Grill

Boca Boa is a relatively new addition to Pointe-St-Charles surrounded by an increasing number of dining options that offer Portuguese, Brazilian, and Quebecois meals. They have rapidly established themselves as a trustworthy standby.

Most people find Lisbon’s conviviality irresistible, but the real drawcards are its huge portions of chicken-chorizo poutine and Portuguese chicken.


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