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[Top 19] Best Sugar Shack Montreal

The best sugar shack Montreal has to explore and enjoy

If you haven’t yet lived the sugar shack experience in the Greater Montreal area, it’s time! In the Greater Montreal area, it is possible to find authentic and delicious sugar shacks. Although there are a few good places in the heart of Montreal, it is highly recommended to drive a few minutes out of downtown Montreal to discover the best sugar shacks. Not sure if this will be an item that will suit everyone? Know that Quebec’s sugar shacks offer a wide variety of activities in spring and winter.

It is without a doubt one of the most enjoyable activities (especially for groups) in the Greater Montreal area. Are you with the kids? No problem, sugar shacks are used to it, they offer activities for the youngest. Who wouldn’t want to enjoy a sleigh ride, rock climbing, games, tastings, demonstrations and above all, really decadent maple-based dinners that can treat everyone. From breakfast to dinner, come and it’s time for you to live the Sugar Shack Experience and discover the wonderful Quebec maple syrup.


1. Sucrerie de la Montagne

Looking for a traditional Sugar Shack? Off the western tip of the Island, down the Ottawa stream in pleasant Rigaud, that’s the place wherever Sucrerie de la Montagne carries out their specialty. trying sort of a very little village lost needless to say, Sucrerie Diamond State la Montagne utilizes archaic ways and hardware to form their celebrated maple things, lending the total activity a considerable credibleness. In spite of the {very fact|the actual fact} that everything is formed in-house and of very nice, it’s unquestionably their sensible recent pastry room and also the bread it creates that by a technique or another figures out a way to turn out the foremost fervor quite while when year—particularly once finished off with a liberal spoon of maple unfold.

2. Cabane à Sucre au Pied de Cochon… The best Maple Syrup?

Except if you have been living below a stone, you’ve got most likely detected its name bandied about: The Cabane à Sucre au Pied de Cochon may be a mythic sanctuary of gastronomical indulgence, claimed and worked by sensation preparation specialist Martin Picard as a supplement to his illustrious highland edifice Au Pied de Cochon. it’d lack the sleigh-rides and kissing zoos, however the Cabane à Sucre au piebald Diamond State Cochon is concerning the food. nevertheless exaggerated instances of customary Quebecois occasional admission, the Cabane à Sucre au piebald Diamond State Cochon may be a line food laboratory and a harbinger of energizing future pattern

3. La Cabane d’à coté

Close to a good looking plantation of apple, plum and pear trees, Martin Picard and his previous sous-gourmet specialist Vincent Dion-Lavallée opened this comfy 38-seat wood fire-warmed area simply movements from the Cabane à Sucre au piebald Diamond State Cochon. Worked with the purpose of giving a a lot of customary, less plainly alpha sugar shack intake expertise than that of its sister endeavor, the accentuation stays on quality and territory, with a substantial ton of the fixings returning from the property’s garden, ranches and also the wooded areas nearby.

4. L’Hermine Cabane à Sucre

Famous for thei high quality Maple Products! On the South Shore, in Montérégie, this family-run sugar shack offers the conventional snooze causative supper associated has an in-house look jam-choked with sweetening, confections, fudges, caramels, toffees, pies, jams and a lot of with that to strengthen your wash area. That being explicit , this explicit sugar shack is probably going best noted for its rentable wedding lobby, ideal for couples with a appetence hoping to urge married in evident rural marvel.

5. Famille Constantin

The Famille Constantin sugar shack is that the ideal resolution for families with fretful youngsters World Health Organization have put aside a complete winter of inhibited energy. The grounds embrace expansive fun strongholds, manikin shows, a doll hall associated a collection for younger children even as associate ATV circuit and an after-supper dance party for older youngsters. within the event that every one amongst those exercises do not take the youngsters out, the generous supper completely can. associate outing can guarantee a tranquil vehicle ride yet again into city.

6. Le Chalet des Érables

A deep-woods sugar shack with smaller than expected train rides, gala affair games, a collection and classic maple-taffy tastings, this spot has likewise—additionally!— cut associate exceptional specialty for itself within the insane universe of weddings by giving adjustable key nearby services for love birds to be. The cluster at lupus erythematosus house des Érables square measure specialists within the field with in-house food suppliers associated an assortment of scenes going from perfect white churches to hidden woodland glades with limits going from a comfortable fifty to an excellent a thousand, providing unsullied boreal destination weddings while not wandering overly aloof from home.

7. Érablière Charbonneau

The Charbonneau sugar shack may be a classic sugar shack with a dangerous everything you’ll eat style. A perpetual stream of maple house staples issue from the room as well as pea soup, pork sausages, standard tourtière, beans, creton and generally, their singular, abundant desired, stove ready omelets. just in case you are making the outing, confirm to indicate up hungry.

8. Érablière Sous-Bois

Known for their delicious baked beans, this exuberant sap home is another kid high selection with a collection, cosmetics craftsmen, cartoons, inflatables, sugar toffy tastings, getting the nights and never-ending music. For grown-ups, there square measure winding rise trails through the grounds, full demonstrations of each sirup and maple oleo creation, in-house potable tastings and—obviously—the primary feast itself. That highlights nearly did not bear in mind archaic classics just like the wonderful père au sirop d’érable, delicate dumplings bubbled in sirup.

9. La Cabane à Tuque

La Cabane à Tuque is spearheading a completely unique, environmentally cognizant, 100% vegetable lover thanks to take care of sugar shack culture. Their gather is gathered within the genuinely archaic vogue, with basins and a lot of arduous labor whereas the house itself is hempcrete-insulated with sensible warm adobe floors and highlights dividers created up altogether of reused bottles. The menu is at turns recognizable and progressive, accomplishing Brobdingnagian numbers of an identical classic sugar-shack flavors utilizing alone vegetable lover and regularly feeder fixings that has tempeh, millet, buckwheat and Bantoid language organism

10. Érablière au Palais Sucré

Another quintessential Montérégie sugar shack, L’érablière au Palais Sucré has a gathering of exercises for youthful and old including farm vehicle rides through the grounds, a little zoo with chickens, goats and horses, and maple taffy tastings made on new day off. Generally significant however is simply the supper which isn’t for weak willed, or truly, for veggie lovers: The menu is quite substantial on delicious creature proteins, yet there are smart facilities for the lactose and gluten bigoted among us.

11. Sucrerie Bonaventure

Sucrerie Bonaventure has as of late undergone significant development with an end goal to restrict a portion of the more extraordinary natural real factors of the customary sugar shack insight, including replacing their already sloppy yard with a cleared parking area, the inauguration of a fresh out of the box new lounge area, an outside hall warmed with a sublime fireplace and even a DJ to replace the fiddle groups of yesteryear. All the regular features are here, including the impressive dinner. It’s ideal for the individuals who need a sugar shack insight without the mud on their boots.

12. Auberge Handfield

A Saint-Marc-sur-Richelieu foundation, the Auberge Handfield is a delectable everything you-can-eat buffet-style sugar shack open for morning meals, snacks and suppers with a gigantic, completely adjustable menu. The Auberge’s grounds highlight occasion spaces designed in light of weddings, just as rooms exceptionally custom fitted to conferences and meetings. The most energizing component anyway is the on location spa, offering whirlpool showers, chocolate body wraps, back rubs and that’s only the tip of the iceberg; all with a view onto the Richelieu River gradually moving by

13. Domaine Labranche

Arranged in Saint-Isidore-de-Laprairie only south of Montreal, the Domaine Labranche sugar shack has been controlled by the Desgroseilliers family for eight ages. The family has surely differentiated since those early days and some portion of what makes the Domaine Labranche so one of a kind is that notwithstanding its maple creation, it works a winery just as an apple plantation, delivering a scope of remarkable items. This family ranch is the ideal destination for anybody keen on finding extra pillars of Quebecois agrarian creation nearby the maple business.

14. Cabane à Sucre Lalande

Having quite recently commended their 105th commemoration, the Saint-Eustache-based Cabane à Sucre Lalande has an abundance of involvement with the maple business. This experience has ensured its situation as a popular occasional journey for the two local people and Montrealers the same because of their pony rides, new taffy, customary suppers, incredible Mother’s Day early lunch and dynamic pivot of live diversion.

15. Cabane aux Délices des Sucres

Hidden in a brush of dense maple in the core of the Laurentides, the Cabane aux Délices des Sucres presents reliable versions of Quebecois classics in a cozy, familial lodge just movements from the real creation and siphoning offices. The lounge area has all out limit of just 70 however, so reservations here aren’t quite a poorly conceived notion. A wonderful though abnormal astonishment for a sugar shack, the Cabane aux Délices des Sucres is additionally a BYOB restaurant, so remember to get a decent container in transit for the full insight.

16. Érablière Meunier

Directly off the Richelieu stream, the Érablière Meunier is a large maple activity with more than 6000 trees that vaunts a great cluster of family inviting attractions from climbing and rough terrain trekking trails to sleigh rides, bean packs, hopscotch, inflatable fun palaces, DJ-facilitated dance gatherings, new doughnut and taffy tastings, face painting and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Their menu is clear yet loaded with mouth-watering classics, and if for reasons unknown you can’t make it out to them, they have a full providing food brigade to bring the sugar shack to you.

17. La Ferme les Fardoches

La Ferme les Fardoches in Mirabel, only Northwest of Montreal, is from the outset an exceptionally normal sugar shack whose tacky dinners are the stuff of dreams. And keeping in mind that it’s actual their suppers are excellent, La Ferme les Fardoches is subtly at the lead of a developing food culture with a dedication to the creation of completely ensured natural items and an energy for giving hungry, maple-adoring guests dedicated vegan and without gluten menus notwithstanding more conventional arrangements.

18. Cabane Panache et Bois Rond

Now and again, the idea of taking off of town for a maple tasting outing, anyway enticing it very well might be, simply is anything but a practical suggestion. On the off chance that you end up in the present circumstance, the southwestern Montreal neighborhood of Verdun puts on a yearly “logger party” with square moving, tons of maple syrup treats, woodcutting rivalries, merry music , customary gastronomy and the sky is the limit from there. The celebration runs in late March and is the ideal reason to wear your best Sunday flannels and experience the plenteousness of the sugar shack season in the core of the city.

19. Un Chef à l’érable (Pop-up La Scena, Old Montreal)

Again, for the individuals who out of the blue can’t escape town to encounter an authentic sugar shack in the countryside, Un Chef à l’érable proposes an impermanent sugar shack themed spring up restaurant from mid-April to mid-March directly in the center of Old Montreal. 2019 denoted the occasion’s eighth year running and every year a visitor cook takes up the rules and changes the Scena occasion setting into a restaurant that endeavors to make a balance among conventional and trailblazing maple-based blends, all while utilizing energizing global flavors and impossible strategies.


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