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The Best Tacos in Montreal in 2021

Where to find the best tacos in Montreal

If you are looking for the best tacos in Montreal, then you will also find that your search will end with a flavourful taco and a cold beer. Little Italy, Mile End, and Chinatown are among the areas where you can find both. Each of these restaurants will serve you well in their own way, some best known for their breakfasts while others excel at late-night dining with mezcal selections.

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1. Icehouse

In addition to its convenient location near Milton-Parc, this restaurant is also a popular destination for students because of its relatively affordable prices and a wide range of flavourful Tex-Mex meals. There are a number of dishes which may include burritos and nachos, but they also offer a great array of tacos, including shrimp, chicken, and pulled pork, which is topped off with a delicious side of fried chicken. On a summer night, the terrace is the perfect place for a romantic dinner with a loved one.

2. La Capital Tacos

This small gem in Chinatown is hard to miss in the first pass since it is located on a busy stretch of Saint-Laurent Boulevard. There is no doubt that a Mexican restaurant of all things would be one of the best in Chinatown. The restaurant’s friendly staff and upbeat music give this spot a vibrant ambiance.

3. Escondite

A local chain known for its innovative takes on classic Mexican dishes, Escondite operates Downtown, in Old Montreal, and in Laval. It serves a number of shared dishes, which vary by day, including chicken mole, steak, and deep-fried chicken. If you’re not totally sure what to get, get the sharing platter for what’s for sure a quick fix to your hunger.

4. Caifan

Eduardo Acosta Blanco has been working in kitchens since he was a child. The Little Italy Taqueria combines regional inspiration from Mexico with a massive CV of experience, leading to its creation in the first place.

We serve everything from fish and steak to cochinita and al pastor, all delicious, here. However, we tend to visit for the ‘Tacotes’, meatier tacos that come topped with a fried egg and pork belly. A beer-battered jalapeno appetizer stuffed with chorizo and served with it makes a tasty meal.

5. Mr. Azteca

When it comes to tacos, the 3 for $12 deal is pretty standard in this city. This restaurant, however, offers them at a really great price. Although not for vegetarians, each tortilla comes stuffed with sausage, steak, chorizo, and mozzarella.

Although the bar’s daily specials include stuffed taquitos and a torta sandwich, you won’t know what hit you until you find the daily margarita special. Also bonus points for its Jarrito soda mix mixed with Jarrito soda.

6. El Habanero

When looking for new food in the Downtown Montreal area, we need insider tips to know the best places to go. Unlike the hidden gems hidden in discreet food courts, El Habanero hides in plain sight beneath The Cinema Banque Scotia Montréal. In Montreal’s Plateau neighborhood, this spot is convenient for shopping in the best malls; what’s better after shopping than grabbing a plate from this build-your-own taco spot? The recipes here are delicious.

7. T&T Tacos et Tortas

Their tacos and tortas are incredible, as the name would suggest. There are three tacos per dish in this bustling Rachel Street haunt, but T&T serves four. You can choose from steak, fish, marinated pork, and eggplant-zucchini vegetarian tacos for your meal, followed by a churro or two.

8. Tacos Tin Tan

It is one of the Plateau’s favorite takeaway restaurants. Tacos Tin Tan serves up flavorsome Mexican tacos, including spices, pineapple, and grilled cactus. They also have plenty of tasty dishes served all the way from the sweet to the salty, like esquires topped with delicious mayo, chili, and lime. If you want an amazing treat, that’s around the corner, they deliver!

9. Tacos Victor

Their fries-topped tacos are known for their friendly service and unconventional flavor. That’s right, they have french fries on top of them. Buy individually, their tacos are super filling and full of good stuff, so come here if you’re feeling hungry after a hectic day at work or at school. Plan to indulge a little while between meals, you won’t regret it.

10. Don Taco

You can get delicious, fresh, and affordable Mexican food at this taco counter near Concordia University. Don Taco has simple tacos with ingredients like chicken, beef, and fish that cost between two and three dollars each. It’s the best option if you’re running low on time and live around Downtown in Montreal.

11. La Catrina

La Catrina serves authentic Mexican food in a notably pleasant atmosphere on De La Commune Street in the Old Port. The food here is a bit more expensive, but it’s difficult to find in other places like filet mignon and roasted poblano pepper recipes. Opt for their patio during the summer and you can enjoy the whole of the old part of the city.

12. El Rey del Taco

The El Rey del Taco restaurant is located close to the vibrant Jean-Talon Market and is popular with the locals. They offer a huge variety of Mexican food that can be taken away and fully loaded tacos at an affordable price of $9 for four. Locals like the Al Pastor and the veal tongue with avocado leaves. The friendly staff and suitable location make this one of the best choices for food in the area.

13. La Taqueria Mexicaine

A colorful restaurant on Saint-Laurent Boulevard in Plateau. There’s a lot of Mexican food to choose from at Taqueria Mexicaine, from quesadillas to burritos to pia Coladas. Serving tacos alongside hearty quesadillas. The meal is incredibly filling. Be sure to take full advantage of their salsa bar to stuff your plate with all kinds of spicy toppings.

14. Ta Chido Snack Bar Mexican

One of the largest taco menus in town, Ta Chido, is in Mile End on Park Avenue. It has fifteen variations of tacos, including three vegetarian ones. Friday nights after 6pm, choose any three tacos for $11 when you get a cactus, sautéed potato, and refried black beans mole.

15. La Taqueria

A casual place to eat in Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, La Taqueria’s got some of the cheapest tacos around. Choose from a variety of meaty tacos available to store or for delivery from the comfort of your home. All of their menu items, including steak, bacon, pulled pork, and pulled beef—or from the vegetarian section, including potato and green pepper/onion/mushroom-based options—are worth trying.

16. Tacos Frida

Authentic Mexican food and friendly service are the reasons Tacos Frida is a Saint-Henri classic and Gay Village favorite ever since it opened a satellite location there nine years ago. Taco Options include rich meats like pulled pork and tilapia with slaw, and grilled vegetables like sauteed mushrooms and cactus with pico de gallo. They also serve tortilla soup on colder days, which is only $4.

17. Mezcaleros

Since this place is open late at night, has a very good mezcal selection, and has a good price, it’s no wonder that it’s a popular place to stop by for a smoky cocktail and a delicious bite to eat

With beef, potatoes, and fried potatoes to choose from, the selection here is strong, too. One bite of pulled pork is bound to have you at the table, but if you prefer sweeter tastes, try the Porcine for a taste of Quebecois and Mexican.


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