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Visiting Calgary in the fall: 6 must-see activities


Fall in Calgary : 6 awesome things to do!

Calgary, the metropolis of Alberta, is located in the southern part of the province. It is a very modern city with a downtown composed of tall buildings, but also retains its old-fashioned western soul. It is also known as “cowtown” in a nod to its agricultural past.

If this is your first visit to Calgary, and you have one or two days ahead of you, here are 6 ideas of visits not to be missed.

6. The Calgary Tower

fall activities calgary calgary tower

A true symbol of Calgary, the Calgary Tower is one of the must-see landmarks on a first visit to the city. At 191 metres high, it is one of the tallest towers in Western Canada!

We particularly like it because it offers a 360-degree view of the city. And when the weather is clear, you can even see the Rocky Mountains. If this is your first visit to the Calgary Tower, don’t hesitate to take the video guide. It will teach you a lot about the history of Calgary and its monuments. Finally, don’t miss the video presentation to learn about the history of the construction of the Calgary Tower. (Tickets can be purchased at the Calgary Tower website).

5. Olympic Plaza

fall activities calgary olympic plaza

After your ascent of the tower, there is nothing like a short break on the Olympic square. Olympic Plaza was built in 1988, during the Calgary Winter Olympics, to host the medal ceremonies. Today, it hosts various events and festivals throughout the year.

During the summer months, many people come to the plaza to take their lunch break in the shelter of the trees. They take advantage of the calm and freshness brought by the large fountain. And every winter, this is where the Calgary skating rink takes place!

4. The Peace Bridge

fall activities calgary peace bridge

The Peace Bridge is a pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Bow River. It connects downtown Calgary to the Sunnyside neighbourhood. The Peace Bridge was designed by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava. He chose a red and white structure, a nod to the colors of the Alberta and Canadian flags.

To make the most of the view from the bridge, we recommend that you walk along the river following the Chinatown pedestrian path to the Peace Bridge. On this side, you will have a beautiful viewpoint to photograph the bridge. Don’t hesitate to cross it to photograph it with the downtown buildings in the background.

3. The Rouleauville neighborhood and the Discovery Podcast

fall activities calgary rouleauville

The district of Rouleauville-Mission and mainly the 17th Avenue are very famous for their numerous bars and restaurants. But what is interesting to remember is that Rouleauville is Calgary’s historic French-speaking district. You are advised to download the Podcast Discovery mobile application, which offers a free bilingual interactive tour. You will then have access to information on the history of the neighbourhood with historical photos, videos and sound files. To visit the 14 points of interest, we recommend that you allow approximately two hours.

2. The Bell Studio

fall activities calgary bell studio

Studio Bell is located in the heart of East Village, a trendy neighbourhood and the birthplace of Calgary’s music and cultural scene. This National Music Centre opened on July 1, 2016 and is the first national cultural institution dedicated to Canadian music. Its architect Brad Cloepfil was inspired by various musical instruments, mixed with Western Canadian landscapes, to design it. It is therefore interesting to take a moment to contemplate the architecture of the Studio Bell before beginning his visit.

The museum is spread over 5 levels and offers a mix between exhibition and sensory experience. As you move through the floors, you can, for example, understand how sounds are created or experience the influence of music on your emotions. On the top floor, Studio Bell celebrates all the great Canadian artists and musicians who have made their mark in Canada and beyond.

1. Calgary Heritage Park

fall activities calgary heritage park

Calgary Heritage Park, recognized as Canada’s largest open-air museum, is located just a short drive from Calgary. The main mission of this 51-hectare park is to bring visitors back to life the birth and growth of the communities that shaped Western Canada! Heritage Park is a huge living museum that traces the history of Western Canada from the 1880s with the beginning of the fur trade to the 1950s dominated by the automobile and oil. A great visit to make as a family!

We hope you enjoyed this article on our 6 must-see places/visits in Calgary. If you would like more information to help you plan your stay, please visit our page on the province of Alberta.



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