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[Top 13] Best Montreal Gay Bars and LGBTQ clubs in Montreal


The best Montreal gay bars and LGBTQ clubs in Montreal for drinks, drag and dancing

Many of Montreal’s gay clubs and bars are an important part of its nightlife, so it’s not surprising that the city is a world-class LGBTQ center. A progressive-minded population, a thriving gay scene and the largest gay village in North America make this city a true gem.

Montreal has been the site of the LGBTQ movement since the 80’s and 90’s, but there are now new bars and clubs to complement Montreal’s gay and lesbian heritage.


1. Cabaret Mado

The elusive Montreal drag queen Mado Lamotte became so famous in the city that her likeness has been reproduced in a wax museum in the city. That fame has helped make Cabaret Mado the go-to venue for gender-bending drag shows over the past decade. The evenings begin with performances at the bar by prominent queens from across Canada, followed by DJs after the cabaret.

Until the wee hours, Lamotte serves gourmet diner fare at her Dinette next door until the wee hours.

2. Complexe Sky

With three floors of entertainment to choose from, including a pool and spa, Complexe Sky is one of Canada’s biggest gay clubs. There is a restaurant and a few bars on the ground floor, while on the top floor there are three clubs – one has a live DJ, the other two have more underground sounds.

Sky has a great nightlife, especially in summer when you can alternate between the dancefloor and roof. It is also one of the cheapest places to pick up a drink in town. Complexe Sky is primarily gay-male-oriented, but anyone can enjoy it.

3. Le Date Karaoke

It’s not what you’d expect from a karaoke bar in the Village. They’re serious about karaoke, and you’ll be amazed at what they’re capable of.

Come early for the singers, as they are likely to fill up fast! If you’re leaving earlier, they also have a sidewalk patio in summer with a drink special for those who arrive earlier in the day.

4. Bar Notre-Dame-Des-Quilles

At NDQ in Rosemont, a neighborhood bar with a twist, visitors will find one of Chicago’s highest-quality New York-style pizzas and a miniature bowling alley.

There is no doubt the fact that New Diversity q has established itself as an inclusive and safe space for all lesbians, gay, bisexuals, transgendered, queer, and intersex persons. With affordable prices and a strong cocktail program, the bar’s a great place for those who want to unwind after work or party with Awwful and Jeffany until the early hours.

5. Bar Le Stud

There are two bars and plenty of places to accommodate your party at Bar le Stud. It’s got one small bar and karaoke every night, and another one with pool tables and seating besides the dance floor.

Drink specials and special DJs in the club offer DJ mixes of Top 40 and electronic music. There’s also a black light party with face painting and bears.

6. Bar Renard

A classy bar downtown, Bar Renard opened a fresh breath of air when it opened in 2018. At the heart of the Gay Village, it is a cocktail bar and a lounge, offering a more upscale space than bars in the neighborhood.

During the evening, the club has eclectic DJ sets and move tables to make way for dancing and mingling. Its beautiful decor and selection of fine spirits go nicely with a menu of light gourmet foods.

7. Taverne Normandie

Despite its location in the village, Normandie had a diverse clientele, regardless of gender and sexual orientation. Before it became one of the city’s most popular karaoke bars, it was a neighborhood tavern.

Besides beers and spirits within the bar, Normandie is home to a large courtyard and outdoor dining area. The ambiance is relaxed and festive all year round. Regular clients and staff will sing classic Charles Aznavour ballads or duets in perfect harmony.

8. Bar Le Ritz PDB

Since being reborn from the ashes of reputed Montreal indie music venue Il Motore some years earlier, Bar Le Ritz PDB has become a pillar of the live music scene in Montreal. Among the Le Ritz’s regular events, check out the queer dance party Glitter Bomb, and the retro throwback nights. The Le Ritz offers high-end local and out-of-town hip hop, indie, and electro pop acts.

9. Aigle Noir / Black Eagle

The Village Gay House, Aigle Noir, is an example of a classic gay bar. During the day, there’s a combination of younger and older guests, some of whom have been visiting since Village days.

At night, there is a great electro/pop mix of DJs playing on the club’s sidewalk patio and cheap drinks during happy hour.

10. Café Cléopâtre

At the intersection of St-Laurent and St-Catherine, Cafe Cléo is one of Montreal’s last remaining Red-Light District venues, having survived demolition on two occasions and expropriation of the neighboring block.

The exterior shows it to be a normal straight strip club, but don’t be fool: Head upward, and you will find a cabaret where nightly drag shows by House of Laureen and other local drag queens keep the spirit of the former Red Light alive.

11. Stock Bar

As a result, Montreal is known as one of the world’s most popular strip clubs and cabarets. Not only do Americans love the easy access to erotic entertainment but also locals love Stock Bar.

A casual but classy atmosphere greets visitors here regularly. Some have heard rumors that Stock is a man-only venue, however, regular ladies’ events prove otherwise. Everyone is welcome for a modest cover charge.

12. The Wiggle Room

A newcomer to Montreal’s cabaret scene, the Wiggle Room combines traditional burlesque with a drag queens and kings. A blend of Prohibition era speakeasy decor and cocktails are found in the venue’s upstairs cocktail menu.

They host Montreal’s sole all-king show, Manspread, along with regular Vaudeville themed nights. A regular stable of performers keeps the Wiggle Room buzzing daily, which rotates regularly with invited guests from across the country.

13. Le Belmont

A beloved LGBTQ club, live music venue, and event space, the Mec Plus Ultra Night at Le Belmont features local, international, and home-grown bands and DJs.

There’s also a large dancefloor where resident DJs Franz and Diskommander spin late into the night, and a well-decorated back room that has an appealing pub atmosphere if you need a break, plus burlesque dancer themes throughout the year.


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