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Which neighbourhood to live in in Ottawa?


Don’t know where to stay in Ottawa? Here are the best neighbourhoods to stay in Canada’s federal capital where it’s great to live!

“From coast to coast to coast”, Canada’s motto reveals the vastness and diversity of the country. Whether in the city or in the great outdoors, a trip to the heart of this great country promises a total change of scenery and wonder at every moment, whatever the season.

Direction Ottawa, the federal capital of Canada. The city is located in eastern Ontario, on the south shore of the Ottawa River, opposite the Quebec city of Gatineau. In 2016, Ottawa had a population of over 934,000, making it the fourth most populous city in Canada. Staying in Ottawa means having the opportunity to discover the country’s largest museums, a true paradise for all art and culture enthusiasts. Its location straddling French and English-speaking Canada also makes it a unique city. Here you will live a rich urban experience in a relaxed style. Just outside of the downtown area, which can be explored on foot, you will find diverse neighbourhoods that bathe in a local atmosphere.

Here you’ll find the best places and neighbourhoods to live in Ottawa!

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Downtown – downtown Ottawa

where to live in ottawa downtown

As in any city, it is always pleasant to stay in its center, the tourist activities are often grouped there! Downtown Ottawa is the city’s historic district. It is home to Parliament Hill, where the Canadian government is headquartered, and many historic buildings that make the downtown core a must-see for all tourists passing through Ottawa. The famous Rideau Canal also runs through downtown.

Orleans neighbourhood

where to live on Ottawa orleans

If English is a problem for you, then try to find housing in this neighbourhood, which is one of the most francophone areas of Ottawa and a major center of the Franco-Ontarian community.

Little Italy neighbourhood

where to live in ottawa little italy

Yes, we know, you don’t come to Canada to be in the middle of an Italian atmosphere… But Little Italy, crossed by Preston Street, is a very lively neighbourhood of Ottawa where it is good to live. But it is certainly not here that you will taste a poutine!

The Glebe Neighbourhood

where to live ottawa the glebe

This neighborhood can be divided into 2 parts and 2 atmospheres. A very lively part, with its main artery Bank Street, where you will find many restaurants and stores. The second part is mainly residential, quite middle-class, with beautiful individual houses or small two-story buildings. As a result, accommodation will not necessarily be cheap.


where to live ottawa centretown

CentreTown is a mixed neighbourhood where you will find housing and shops. It is a neighbourhood that is family friendly, quiet and pleasant enough to live in Ottawa.

ByWard Market

where to live ottawa byward market

Hyper pleasant to live, the ByWard Market is a neighbourhood where it is good to live and walk around with many small parks. It’s also one of the places that moves the most, with many restaurants and clubs.

West Wellington

where to live in ottawa weelington west

Here in West Wellington, you will discover a trendy and avant-garde neighborhood! It’s one of the most eclectic commercial areas in the city, just west of downtown Ottawa.

Westboro Village

where to live in ottawa westboro

Slightly west of Wellington Village, where Wellington Street West becomes Richmond Road, is this trendy and lively neighbourhood. A variety of attractive stores line Westboro’s main street, Richmond Road, where it’s a great place to walk. From street food trucks to high-end restaurants, you’ll find everything in Westboro to satisfy your hunger. Many activities take place throughout the year in Westboro, but especially during the summer months.



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