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[Top 17] Best Swimming Pools Montreal in 2021

Best Swimming Pools Montreal for good times indoors or outdoors

If you’re looking to cool down on hot summer days or in the middle of winter, we’ve identified Montreal’s best pools, both indoor and outdoor, nothing better to relax in. Many of the pools mentioned in the text are also on our list of the best free activities to do in Montreal, and on the list of activities to do with children.

Discover the best places to swim outdoors in the city’s parks during the warmer months, while others are indoors during the colder winters.

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1. Parc Jean-Drapeau Aquatic Complex

There are many famous Montreal attractions on the Île Sainte-Hélène, but none are as well known as the Jean Drapeau Aquatic Complex. They hold several unique events in the pool, including inflatable aquatic obstacle courses and floating movie nights. The complex also operates a recreational pool with 8 rows and a diving pool outfitted with springboards and diving towers.

2. Piscine Schubert

Right on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, right in the middle of the Plateau, they constructed the Piscine Schubert in 1929. Renovations took place to the pool in 2000, but the interior has thankfully been left as it was in the 1920s, and the pool continues to offer swimming lessons, free swims,, and lane swimming for everyone, without charge.

3. Olympic Stadium Sports Centre

Originally built for the 1976 Summer Olympics, the Olympic Stadium Sports Complex is an impressive multi-sport complex that takes pride in its commitment to ensuring equal access to all of its facilities regardless of age, ability or mobility.

There are facilities that have been painstakingly upgraded in 2015 to comfortably accommodate people of various fitness levels, whether they are looking to train at a high-intensity or just want to float on the surface.

4. Quai Natatorium

Since 1940, this gorgeous art deco natatorium has been a popular public fixture in Verdun and continues to be so.

There are 1,150 total bathers who can come each day to the outdoor natatorium. In 2005, a new heated wading pool for children was inaugurated, and modernization and refurbishment of the facilities continues.There are renovations taking place in the chalet right now, but the entire park remains open.

5. Jarry Park Swimming Pool

An outdoor pool in Jarry Park accompanies the nearby indoor pool, Piscine Saint-Roch. Most people get to know this park by its tennis stadium, but overheating heat seekers know that its real highlight is its outdoor pool. This is one of the best pools to take a dip during a, particularly hot day.

6. Complexe Aquatic Michel-Leduc (Aquadôme LaSalle)

It comprises two 50 meter-long pools, a bespoke wading pool for toddlers, an array of water toys, and three different slides, as well as a small cafe that accompanies one pool.

Swimming and water safety classes are available at the pool, which can also be rented for parties and group swim. Although not completely free, they keep the entrance fees affordable and even cheaper for LaSalle residents.

7. Kent Park Swimming Pool

Looking for a location for your next family barbecue? Look no further than Kent Park in Côte-des-Neiges. There are picnic tables with shaded spots that would make the perfect alfresco BBQ. There are plenty of water toys for everyone to enjoy, a swivel chair to lounge on, and plenty of water features, making this an ideal outdoor neighborhood pool. Add trampolines for water gymnastics, lanes for laps, and nearby table tennis for burn calories before taking the plunge. Just give it at least half an hour after a hearty BBQ before going back in!

8. Piscine Arthur-Therrien

It’s easy to see why the Arthur-Therrien Piscine has been Verdun’s most favorite outdoor pool for many years.

It’s less hectic than other pools in town, especially after dark, since it has a designated wading pool for toddlers. But you can’t eat or drink on the premises, but hey it’s free!

9. Piscine John-F.-Kennedy

Built-in 1964, the Piscine J.F. Kennedy is Outremont’s only public pool and—perhaps—the only outdoor swimming pool in Montreal named after a former United States president.

Even on the hottest days, the water cool enough to float is usually surrounded by old-growth trees that shade it from direct sunlight. Although not free, admission is very reasonable. Besides, a little peace proves invaluable during peak season.

10. Parc du Pélican

Although the pool at Parc du Pélican is a relatively ordinary pool, it’s the park that makes this body of water so enjoyable.

The Masson Street Park not only has an open air pool, but it has a fenced-in dog park, a playground, a sports field, and during the summer, a small flock of sheep will roam freely in the park.

11. Piscine Lévesque

For free lap swimming and swimming lessons and open swimming, Piscine Lévesque’s doors are open in the middle of the Plateau.

It’s been free ever since 2018. Thanks to an aquatic elevator, citizens with reduced mobility have universal access to the pool. The best part? It’s open to all residents.

12. Piscine Saint-Charles

Piscine St-Charles is your solid community bet just down the street from the Charlevoix metro. There’s a free pool in St. Charles. If you’re struggling with the heat, you can get a quick dip in the Piscine St-Charles.

13. Piscine du Cégep Vieux Montréal

There is a large aquatic sports complex in Downtown Montreal, a college that regularly opens its doors to the public, besides a 50-meter semi-Olympic salt, chlorine pool. They organize several activities and classes throughout the year by the college in partnership with the residents of Ville Marie.

14. Piscine Saint-Roch

There are a range of aquatic activities on offer, including lessons for those of all ages, and a range of water aerobics at this charming neighborhood pool on the outskirts of Jarry Park.

According to the word on the street, the Piscine Saint-Roch is one of the warmest pools in the city. Although not ideal for summer, it’s ideal for cruising in the winter when the chill is bad enough to want to cool off.

15. Piscine Saint-Henri

The Piscine Saint-Henri is located directly across the street from the Place Saint-Henri metro station, a community hub where the locals of all ages get their pool fix.

There are also free swims, fitness activities, and lane swimming at the pool, which is a 25-metre affair fully staffed, and all for a refreshingly low price.

16. Piscine Maisonneuve

Summer in Hochelaga Maisonneuve means crowded paths, but there’s a place at the Piscine Maisonneuve where lifeguards are always on duty, keeping everyone safe, and it’s free for the entire summer.

You can stop by the Marché Maisonneuve on your way home for fresh fruits on your way home for a quick snack after your swim, or you can purchase your groceries.

17. Confederation Park Pool

A lively, family-oriented 50-meter pool is available at Confederation Park. It’s an excellent choice for all kinds of swimming, whether it’s laps or treading water.

Family members should take advantage of the trampolines and splash pad for kids. The pool has a dedicated picnic area and is a great spot for tanning.

Did you know that swimming has a relaxing effect? Water makes you feel lighter and allows your heart to rest. Swimming in a relaxed manner reduces stress and depression. Swimming is also a cardiovascular workout.

There’s lots of swimming pools Montreal.. Did you find the best for you?

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