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[Top 19] Best Things to do in Calgary in 2021


Things to do in Calgary

Calgary, the Centre of Canada’s oil industry, was ranked as the most livable city in North America. It is a city full of amusement parks, architectural spots, food courts with reasonable transport facility fares which makes it a highly attracted place for tourists. Calgary has made a mark on its resident and those yearly visitors who find the site and the amusements attractive enough to spend money and time for it. It is the largest city with high-rise buildings, large houses, award-winning businesses and high quality of life.

Quality of life

Canada is a great country for immigrants to settle in and visit for its attractive tourist spots. One of the most voted cities for a beautiful tourist site in Canada is Calgary. It is listed as one of the cleanest cities in Canada by Forbes Magazine. Calgary is Alberta’s largest city and Canada’s fourth-largest city, with the free business environment and is the best place to provide safety, health care and environmental quality.

Calgary is semi-arid and has cowboy boots, rodeos and festivals to celebrate different events. It has some beautiful park lands with extensive playgrounds for kids and teenagers to enjoy playing and has a relaxing time in their life.

The best of Calgary

As a famous tourist city in Canada, Calgary has a lot to offer which attracts the tourists yearly to spend their time and enjoy a part of their life to their fill. Some of them include;

Public Transport

Calgary’s public transport fares are reasonable; tourists and residents take this advantage to the full of their knowledge. The most used public transport is the C-train which is powered by electricity, and travelling through it within Calgary is free of any transport fares. C-train is not an enclosed transport system, so it’s mostly preferred in summer season whereas, in the winter season, it is not a good option considering the weather in Calgary has its peak time during the winter season.

Most of the Calgary residents and tourists prefer a private transport system.

Outdoor amusements:

Calgary is found above the Bow River and some distance away from the Canadian Rocky Mountain, which makes it fascinating for anyone who loves outdoors and wants to participate in outdoor activities. Some of the outdoor amusements include;

1. Banff:

During the winter season, tourists often visit Calgary for skiing and snowboarding purpose. Banff is a famous place with more tourists coming to visit each year. It is about an hour-long ride and offers some of the best downhill skiing in the world. The tourist who loves skiing and snowboarding prefer to visit during November through March when skiing conditions are in the prime due to the winter season. This season marks the low freezing temperature and also the room rate of the hotels are lowered to well-adjusted rates.

2. Banff National Park:

It is a beautiful place with an excellent opportunity for sightseeing their glaciers and ice fields. It is Canada’s first national Park and an attractive tourist spot where they often prefer to camp and hike. Every year, the visitors from different countries make it to the Banff National Park for skiing, snowboarding, sightseeing, camping and other activities as per the season. In the winter season, the hoard of visitors, nationally and internationally, visit Banff National Park to enjoy the offered amusements like skiing and snowboarding. Camping and bonfire add to the beauty of the place and makes a memorable stay for the people.

3. Calgary Stampede

The best time to visit Calgary is the summer season, which brings out various festivals for the tourists and residents, to enjoy and participate in it. There are hordes of visitors, heading out for hiking, biking and fishing. Summer season is also Calgary’s season of celebration, with festivals like Calgary Stampede.

Calgary Stampede, a not-for-profit community organization, is a world-class, year-rounding gathering place that preserves and celebrates the western heritage, culture and community spirit. It involves full-on entertainment shows with live music and unique attractions. Some events occur daily including; ladies barrel racing, bareback, tie-down roping, steer wrestling and bull riding. It is the most incredible outdoor show, attracting millions of visitors every year.

4. Banff Park Museum

Every museum across the world hold something precious or unique and puts it on display for the visitors so they could get acquainted with it. Banff Park Museum is no less, and it is a National Historical Museum with about 5000 vintage specimens from stuffed bears to minerals, which were collected in the era of 1900s. The display of such unique samples collected from the early periods attracts tourists to get to know more about them. The stuffed models on display are the point of attraction as it makes them look almost realistic. Study trips related to the field of zoology, and others are also conducted to get the students required knowledge of the animals and minerals on display.

5. Calgary Tower

The first thing every tourist do is get to know about the place they are visiting, and they often try to search for a site of attraction. One of the top attraction sites in Calgary is the Calgary Tower which provides a more incredible view of the landscape due to it being the tallest building. The glass floors add to the beauty of the Tower, where the traffic of the city can be seen right through it. Besides this, the view that it provides in the city is marvellous, which makes it a must-visit place for tourists. The Tower offers a 360-degree view due to it being in the Centre of the town and also the use of glass windows and floors make it look marvellous.

6. Calgary Zoo

It is Western Canada’s largest zoo with more than 1000 animals. This zoo gives access to tourist for indoor visits whereby protecting the animals and birds by being passionate towards research and conservation using the knowledge of Science. This zoo not only provides the display of the animals kept in captivity but also protects them by using their knowledge of Science. The unique species tend to attract visitors often, and most commonly, children get to visit the zoo because of their excitement to see and observe the animals closely. One of the most visited spots in Calgary is the zoo where the residents and visitors visit it often.

7. Canada Olympic Park

This Park provides Performance Training Centre where a person can reach their potential via participating in sports activities or any fitness exercises. It also offers arenas for skating and hockey where people of all levels and ages can participate. One of the main spots in the Bill Warren Training Centre, and it is a large facility which provides fitness and physiotherapy services. It is a good location for elderly and adult people who have fatigue after hiking or enjoying the amusements of Calgary. This service of physiotherapy is at its best and make sure that the customer is satisfied. Those who are fitness freaks also have a well built-in gym so they can perform whatever exercises they require for body fitness.

8. Heritage Park

It is the largest historical village of Canada and is a registered charity. The support from the local or international organization keeps history safe and alive. On a land of 120 acres, more than 200 exhibits become a site of attraction for the tourists. The historical facts, adventures, story lines behind the scene adds to the interest of the visitors. Every country tends to protect its cultural heritage and preserve it for the younger generation. The National Heritage Park provides the same purpose of keeping the legacy of Canadian people and city alive by making memorials and placing exhibit items to memorize those who have passed long ago but left behind their culture.

9. TELUS spark

It is a Centre purposely built to spark curiosity among the people of the area to develop their interest in the field of Science. It is a science museum with exciting and exquisite exhibits that attracts the attention of the visitors. The Centre mainly attracts those who are fascinated with the thought of scientific experiments and mostly want to conduct a few of them which are not harmful all. Mostly teenagers and children are fascinated by the outcome of investigation tend to visit this Centre for their amusement. It is a great learning session and amusement spot at the very same time.

10. Royal Tyrell Museum

It is a palaeontology museum and research fieldwork with thousands of fossils. This museum is built to study, protect, preserve a different kind of fossils and educate the others who are interested in palaeontology. Palaeontology is another exciting field but attracts not a lot of people as visitors often look for a place for amusement. Still, on the other hand, those the relative area of the study visit it to get acquainted with the different species of fossils and also to gather knowledge and implement it in their research or education. It is not amongst the most visited spot but is still considered one of the beauties of Calgary with specie preservations.

11. Studio Bell: Home of the National Music Center

It is home to the National Music Centre. It is Calgary’s first national cultural institution based on nine towers. Studio bell is solely based on educating new music and preserving the history of music in Canada. It is an excellent site of visiting for those who are interested in musical events. Canada’s most famous music Centre is the National Music Centre. With more visitors per year, they see and enjoy the music session that takes place in Studio Bell once during their stay. Music always gets the attention of people of all ages, so it is one of the most visited spots in Calgary if someone enjoys music to their fill

12. Spruce Meadows

It is a venue for events like show jumping. It is a multi-purpose sports facility in Canada, located nearby Calgary which attracts the people during the event season. The events like show jumping take place on a vast field known as spruce meadows, to enlighten the on-lookers of the beauty of the coordination between animals and human via this event. Horses always steal the show for their beauty and resilient nature, and participants are no less with their enthusiastic skills for the game.

13. Military Museum

The museum serves as an educational and historic settlement of Canada where the on-lookers get the knowledge of the war machinery and human factor involvement. The military museum is the primary source of experience of war and participation of machine and humans during it, and it exhibits the items that were most likely involved in the drastic incident and also provided a history of the event and humans that were involved in it. It is an excellent source of knowledge for those who want to get familiar with the circumstances and occurrences during the war

14. Hall of Fame

Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame is a registered charitable organization whose primary focus is to enlighten and educate the youth of the country, on the values, history and cultural sports. It has helped established careers of Canada’s top athletes and builders. This organization provides whatever help necessary for the base level athletes and builder to support them and make them known worldwide, if not then nationally.

15. Princes Island Park

During the summer season, visitors often tend to visit Prince’s Island Park which is an urban themed parked, located towards the North of Calgary. It holds large events like Canada day celebration, musical events and other. Summer and festivals always add up to the liking of the visitors. Calgary has more events in Prince’s Island Park for it is a vast area where most of the people can accommodate in. With musical, architectural, cultural, arts, heritage and other events, this place becomes the busiest place in Calgary.

16. Bow Habitat Station

It is the aquatic ecosystem in Calgary where marine life is protected and preserved. The Sam Livington Fish Hatchery is known for its protection against marine life. Visitors get to feed the fish during the open hours of the hatchery. Those who are interested in marine life and feeding and feeling them close by, visits Bow Habitat Station, for it provides an opportunity of feeding the fishes and watching them closely.

17. Fort Calgary

A Centre where Calgary’s history is preserved with the help of Fort Calgary Preservation Society. Visitors often tend to look into the account of the place which they find attractive for a better understanding of the events and festivals. Fort Calgary protects and preserves the historical events and items for the benefit of the residents and visitors. The historical site is most of the visited places as it gives a detailed insight of the occurrences that happened in the early era. The younger generation needs to know more about the events that took place in their homeland. This fort preserves the heritage and cultural festivals and events by displaying portraits and exhibit items.

18. Glen bow Museum

It is an art and history museum which provides an excellent opportunity for visitors to get acquainted with the items showcased by the national makers. It gives an insight into the history of arts, education, and life of Alberta. Arts and history add to a perfect combination and develops the interest of the visitors. Those who get inspired by arts and the beauty it represents through history often visit this museum.

19. Callaway Park

It is Western Canada’s Largest Outdoor Family Amusement Park. Callaway Park has built on a well-deserved reputation for excellence by offering the best attractions and rides for thrill-seekers of all ages. This Park offers live shows and street performers such as stilt walkers, jugglers and clowns, along with free parking. The most visited family amusement is Callaway Park.

A city that you absolutely need to visit!

Calgary has been selected as the most livable city in Canada for the obvious reasons like, healthy and safe environment, seasonal festivals and events and the economy is also a known factor which makes it highly attractive. With different seasons, come various festivals and events. The summer season comes with festivals of its own. In contrast, the winter season brings forward the opportunity of skiing, snowboarding, ice-skating and much more but it also marks the lowest possible temperature in Calgary. Once in a lifetime opportunity must be availed to visit such a prestigious place.

A place with many beautiful spots enhances attraction for people across the world to visit and participate in the events. With reasonable transport fares, popular locations, friendly environment, healthy food and other significant factors, Calgary has been voted as the most visited tourist city of Canada. Most people find it interesting that Calgary offers a beautiful lifestyle despite known as the “Cow Town”. The different seasons in the country provides various events and festivals, at the end tourist’s decision of the festival will bode with the season of the country.

FAQ Section about the things to do in Calgary:

Things to do in Calgary in July?

The best time to visit Calgary stampede and heritage park is in July.

Things to do in Calgary in September?

You can visit Calgary zoo, Calgary Banff tower and Calgary tower in September.

Things to do in Calgary in August?

You could visit the military museum, Glen bow Museum, prince island park and heritage park.

What are the best Touristy things to do in Calgary?

There are many places to visit in Calgary, which is mention in the above article and famous among tourists.

Outdoor things to do in Calgary?

The outdoor things to do in Calgary are Rocky mountain Sidecar Adventure, visit Calgary Zoo, Enjoy Hammerhead Scenic tours, and Enjoy Alberta 66 Mountain Biking.


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