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Best Winter Activities Calgary in 2021


Winter Season in Calgary

Calgary, the city which is one of the best and most-cited places in Canada, is most voted for its livable environment. The extreme and mild weather seasons make it even more enjoyable for the tourists who find it a comfortable place to spend their time. Winter season in Calgary is the perfect time to bundle up and grab the opportunity to visit and enjoy the amusements it provides, from snowboarding to skiing, ice skating and many more. Although it is freezing and the snow in Calgary is about 1cm deep, but it makes it even more fun for the events to be enjoyed up to its fill. The indoor and outdoor activities might vary depending upon the freezing temperature in Calgary; despite this, there are so many things to see and fun activities to do in the winter months by exploring the great outdoors.

Ice-skating on Lake Louise is one of the most adventurous and beautiful outdoor activity. One of the Lake Louise Ski Resort has one of North America’s largest ski area with a soaring view of the snow-covered mountains presenting a spectacular sight.

How to explore Calgary in Winter

Exploring Calgary can be done using a car in the Winter. People either rent a car or use public transportation to reach their desired destination. Calgary also has a well-connected and a reliable public transportation network, including buses and light rail train, as many of the landmarks are present in the downtown area.

Bus services are also present for those who use it to reach the significant hotels in Calgary downtown. During winter at its prime, rents of hotels are also lowered somehow beside the low temperature that marks the starting of winter festivals and events, welcoming every visitor. Winter season is so extreme that visitors often provide guidelines of dressing warmly, as it could get freezing while they wait at platforms or bus stations.

Winter activities:

There are many activities in Calgary during winter that needs a great deal of attention from the people. Some of those activities involve:

Ice Skating:

winter activities in calgary skating

Winter and snow offer the best combination of activities all across Calgary, one of which is ice skating. The City of Calgary floods and maintains seven out-built skating rinks for the public throughout the city of CowTown. Bowness Park and Olympic Plaza offer skate rentals on location, alongside head protectors, skating helps, and skate honing. The University of Calgary Outdoor Center additionally offers skate rentals for tenderfoot and experienced skaters.

Outside skating arenas in Calgary are ordinarily open from December through February. Olympic Plaza is a refrigerated ice surface and is regularly accessible between mid-November and mid-March. Hockey sticks and nets are not allowed on outside arenas, and head protectors.

Calgary Flames Game; Ice Hockey:

winter activities calgary

In Canada, Ice hockey is famous mostly because of the players because they play so well considering it is tough to control their body flow on an ice rink. Calgary Flames is a well-known ice hockey team who are famous for the high spirited game they play and give their full to win the match. People in abundance visit the ground of gaming to watch the glorious team play and win. The professionalism that they show in each game gets a round of applause by the viewers.

All the classic food one would expect to see a sports game are on offer, such as hotdogs, fries, and popcorns, along with some new option. Besides these, beverages with alcoholic and non-alcoholic ingredients are on display as well.

Walk above Ground:

winter activities downtown calgary

Explore Downtown Calgary. Downtown Calgary has many things to do, like attending festivals, shopping, visiting restaurants. Many of the city’s prime attractions located in Downtown Calgary, like Calgary tower, Glenbow museum and many others. Depending on the tolerance for cold, one can either walk the Stephen Avenue Walk or take a spin and drive through the lanes of Calgary’s downtown by admiring the beautiful holiday season lights. A quick stop at a local cafe for coffee or a drink will surely warm up the visitors and boost up their energy level for the rest of their day.

Visiting Calgary Tower:

winter activities in calgary tower

Calgary tower, one of the largest building in Calgary, adds to the beauty of the city by displaying a 360-degree view around it. The buildings, snow-covered roads below it, people crossing the zebra-crossing and the idea of the clear sky makes it a must-visit place. Calgary tower ensures a clear view for the people via glass windows and glass floors, which is quite scary for weak-hearted but rather exciting for the rest of them. It is the best-selected spot for pictures snapping with the rare beauty that it provides. Winter season and exertion can make a person hungry therefore a dinner or lunch at a restaurant.

Watch the sunset from McHugh Bluff:

winter activities calgary McHugh Bluff

Making a beeline for a well-known dusk spot around, on the McHugh Bluffs, the more significant part of the seats are somewhat crisp to sit on. In any case, individuals are heading all over the post, some for exercise and others as an everyday drive. The McHugh Bluff is a zone of green space that is scattered across a slope on the north side of the Bow River confronting the entirety of downtown. Inside the McHugh, Bluff has arranged two prominent and well-known perspectives: the Crescent Heights Lookout Point and the Mt Pleasant View Point. Dynamic individuals exceptionally frequent the recreation centre, so get ready for swarms in case you’re here for photographs towards the day’s end. Be that as it may, notwithstanding this, the significant length of the feign takes into consideration different territories to set up in harmony. Both Dawn and dusk are great occasions to shoot here, and this zone is Calgary’s most noteworthy vantage point for a full horizon see.


winter activities calgary skiing banff

Calgary is the area of ski and snowboarding excursion. They were driving through the Rocky Mountains to Banff to get to five extraordinary retreats for all expertise levels. The region’s height makes a long and blanketed season. Ski lifts open as right on time as mid-November and run right to May. The long season makes heaps of chances for profound powder conditions yet also, warm spring skiing. People Plan the next ski get-away around Calgary and take the seat lift to their next experience at these extraordinary ski resorts and objections.

Cross-country skiing is a fun, ease, heart-siphoning Canada winter movement that should be possible right in Calgary. At the same time, people are helpless before the regions celebrated chinooks (the warming breezes that will, in general, dissolve away all day off), great skiing should be possible when the climate participates.

The track is at the Golf Course in the southwest and the Confederation Golf Course in the northwest, which means individuals don’t have to leave the city to get their ski on. The best places to ski in Calgary are close by the Rockies, yet if somebody needs to avoid a drive to the mountains after a significant snowfall, they should check the neighbourhood ski club’s track-setting plan and go for a coast.

On the off chance that anybody has not ever attempted cross-country skiing, it’s a superb winter movement that will warm them up on a chilly day and keep their body fit as the snow flies.

Fish Creek Provincial Park:

calgary activity at the fish creek park

Fish Creek Park is a typical park that protects the valley of Fish Creek in the southern piece of Calgary, Alberta, Canada. It is verged on three sides by the city and on the west. Facilities at the Fish Creek Park incorporate a guest Center, an ecological learning Center, excursion covers, bunch day-use territories, a café, snack bars, the Sikome Lake Aquatic Center, a boat dispatch at the Bow River, and the Mackenzie Meadows Golf Course.

Swimming is allowed at Sikome Lake, and fishing is in Fish Creek and the Bow River. A significant part of the Park is forested and is home to an assortment of everyday natural life, including deer, coyotes, owls, and beavers, just as a few types of fastener snakes and frogs.

Visit Museums:

winter activities calgary museum

An indoor visit does not sound bad when the weather is at its shallow temperature that could freeze a person. This art museum offers Canada’s indigenous cultures by displaying it for the viewers to view and learn about the historical cultures, heritage, education, and much more. The material that is displayed showcases the art history from different locations of western Canada. A nice cup of coffee hand and an indoor visit to the museum is preferred mostly by visitors to warm themselves for the upcoming events of the night.

Acura Tube Park; Winsport’s Canada Olympic Park:

winter activity calgary winter tube acura

Acura Tube Park at Winsport’s Canada Olympic Park is located in Western Canada and is known to be the fastest tubing spot of its kind. People from different locations gather around in the Olympic Park for a fun session which also leads to interaction with new faces, and a much friendly environment is present. Those riding the Tube can also check out the food truck and enjoy the convenience of washrooms on site. It occurs throughout the winter season whereas special times are offered during the holidays and on long weekends. Winter is at its extreme in Calgary, so the heavy snow in some of the areas makes it a fascinating and game worthy location.

Tubing is a family-friendly winter activity through which people get to experience the true meaning of enjoyment. There is no such technique to ride the inflatable and soft tubes down the run lines in the Park. The Sunny Tube Park at the Lake Lousie Ski Resort and Mount Norquay Ski Resort are a great way to experience the thrill of tubing in the Canadian Rockies.

Calgary Central Library:

winter activity calgary

No place, which offers free knowledge, in the world is boring. The beautifully designed Calgary library is a fantastic place to visit for an indoor activity. Those who love to learn more about the pre-historic conditions of Calgary’s culture, heritage, festivals, architectural sights and more, often visit the library for a book reading and exploring. The library provides not only historical knowledge but also offers modern era’s experience for the amusement of visitors.

Calgary Central Library is a four-story building located in downtown Calgary. It’s oval-like structure, and an inside with an enormous focal chamber compensates for stunning photographs. It is a quiet spot to peruse or to hang out, and there is a public square situated close to the complex.

Brewery Tours:

brewery tours in calgary indoor activity

Calgary being a cosmopolitan Canadian city owes its remarkable financial ascent due to being a centre of the oil business in the nation. The city’s regular asset has given it untold riches and abundance. A significant recipient has been a developing number of distilleries in Calgary with its local people building up a desire for the speciality brew. Numerous organizations in the city are presently offering lager beer-themed tours and brewery tours in Calgary, just as, in its encompassing territories.

The visit begins with a clarification of Red Bison’s name and why organizer Steve started to the brewery. Participants will at that point see the homemade libation framework Steve used to brew beer on the gallery of his midtown Calgary townhouse and talk about malt and how every one of the flavours sway the plans after that is a stroll through the cycles for brew day and the fermentation process.

Christmas Sleigh Rides:

winter activity calgary

Sleigh rides in the Canadian Rockies is a basin list experience one will always remember. Mush the way through this Canadian work of art and take in the great perspectives on the Rocky Mountains with associations like Snowy Owl Dog Tours and Howling Dog Tours or horses. People become more acquainted with the group of exceptionally prepared dogs and horses, and find out about their animal care rehearses, kick back and appreciate the ride.

Snowshoeing in Kananaskis:

winter activities in calgary snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is a great way to stay active in the Winter. It’s easy to learn and inexpensive to try for people of all ages and experience levels. Along with dedicated trails, snowshoeing is welcome in any Calgary park. Beyond Calgary, people usually explore the snowshoe trails of Mount Norquay, take a scenic hike through Sunshine Meadows, tour Lake Louise Ski Resort, or explore a different side of Castle Mountain with a guided tour.

The University of Calgary Outdoor Centre offers snowshoe rentals for beginner and experienced snowshoe enthusiasts.

Stargazing Tour – Kanaskis After Dark:

A dazzling sight of the night sky full of shiny stars is a fantastic experience. A skilled guide takes the lead of a group of tourists for a hike in Kananaskis Forest at night time. The trek leads to an open meadow where the tourist group pause to take the scenery of the beautiful night sky. Some of the people set their tripods to snap pictures while some just lay down and look up in the sky.

Fatbike Frozen Waterfall Tour:

fatbike calgary

Winter in and around Calgary doesn’t mean people need to stow away their bicycle. One of the best winter exercises in Calgary, fat trekking on studded winter tires is an incredible method to appreciate fat bike riding in the colder months. The University of Calgary Outdoor Center and Bow Cycle offer fat bicycle rentals for tenderfoot and experienced riders. Calgary is home to the broadest metropolitan pathway and bikeway in North America, with more than 850 kilometres of tracks and 95 kilometres of trails to investigate on your fat bicycle.

High-Performance Rodeo

The High-Performance Rodeo, Calgary’s International Festival of the Arts, is an annual festival that features live performances from Calgary artists, across Canada, and around the world. Expect to see theatre, music, dance, multidisciplinary art, and more making it fun for the visitors. People often head for the festivals of arts and culture, considering it is more enjoyable and fun learning opportunity provided the viewer’s interest.

Canmore Winter Carnival

Carnivals are significant events for families to enjoy and heal the bonds between them. It features a variety of snowy shows, indoor and outdoor family-friendly events, including ice carving competitions, log sawing competitions, pooch parade, mutt races and many more. People who visit Calgary for the very first time are often recommended such carnivals for their enjoyment and to animate a fun spent time.

Winter Banff Bubbles

Winter Banff Bubbles, also known as frozen methane Ice Bubbles are such a unique natural phenomenon to witness in such cold weather of Alberta at Abraham Lake.

The bubbles structure when dead, natural issue falls into a waterway and sinks to the base. The microorganisms underneath associates with the methane and afterwards shapes the white gliding masses when it comes into contact with frozen water. It at that point freezes into layers, making this stunning marvel.

Southwood Winter festival

Music, neighbourhood speciality lager, and craft all meet up in Big Winter Classic in the city of Calgary. As is clear from the name, this four-day spectacle happens in the winters. In this way, come in gatherings, taste some superb speciality brew, disregard the chill, and backing the flourishing music scene here, which is typically loads with nearby gifts. In this way, while numerous urban communities may shy away even at the idea of celebrating outside in the winters, inhabitants of the city are essentially not worried about the cold, particularly while appreciating unrecorded music.

Tribute to Craft Spirits Festival

Ice magic festival in Banff holds teams to decorate and give shape to the snow using tools and items provided. The teams that are most voted by the viewers get to win the prize as per decided. This competition, where stunning shiny frozen arts created, is eye-catching and fascinates the passerby group of people making them want to stay and watch the rare enumerated beauty. The event takes place at Lake Louise.

MS Whisky Festival

In the mountain heaven where senses are uplifted and sharpened, the Banff Whisky Experience praises the craftsmanship of the best whisky refineries on the planet. In one of the world’s most pleasant settings, more than seventy refineries from around the world will be pouring several unique whiskies for you to taste, talk about and experience. We realize you want remarkable encounters — and this fall, that is what we will convey in Canada’s flawless Rocky Mountains. There will be masterclasses educated by industry insiders, ace distillers and blenders and peak tastings of the best whisky; all joined with a liberal aiding of the lovely view and mountain experience.

2020 Chinese New Year Festival

Calgary Chinese Cultural Center’s 2020 Chinese Lunar New Year Festival. The Chinese Cultural Center praised the Year of the Rat from January 18 to 26, dismissing the merriments from the morning of January 18 with a Stampede breakfast. Individuals celebrate by viewing a lion dance, tuning in to unrecorded music exhibitions or going to a multi-course supper.

YYC Hot Chocolate Fest

YYC Hot Chocolate Fest is all about bringing together the locals and visitors of the area. During such harsh weather, hot chocolate is one of the best items the people of the site are blessed. The fest usually occurs in February.

Hot Chocolate Festival Okotoks

The business in Okotoks often provides warm coffee or hot chocolate to keep the locals and visitors warm during the winter season. But at this particular festival, they use unique concoctions to make hot chocolate that people buy to get a taste.

Exposure Photography Festival

It is a non-profit society which is run by an enthusiastic board of director who has a great interest in photography. The annual exposure photography festival gives a platform for rising photographers of Alberta to make them known and also professional practitioners. People of all ages celebrate this festival to enjoy rich photography scenes.

Particle + Wave Media ART Festival

This art festival celebrates critical innovation and unique art ideas that put on display. This festival appreciates the new era arts with a touch of technology. It is the form of art displays in the form of short films or animations with unique and creative ideas immersed in it.

Bowness Winter Fest

It is a carnival-style event with gaming, food, photobooth and general facilities on display. The northwest neighbours of Bowness offer the event providing an escape route from the cold winter season for the time being.

The Wizards Beer Festival

It is a harry potter inspired wizard festival were beers of different nations present to be tested by the locals and the visitors. The costume or theme of the festival adds up to the fascination of the viewers and participants.

Calgary Midwinter Bluesfest

This fest returns every year by the end of February where the full week occupied by Blues workshop, concerts and dance parties. The people often enjoy music concerts and dance parties, and a lot of them participate in it as well.

Winefest Calgary

Winefest Calgary offers an all-inclusive sampling of wine from all over the world, as well as getting fascinated with other activities like musical concerts. The event usually occurs at Stampede Park, where adults and elderly participate for the sampling quest of wine presented from all over the world.

YYC Food and Drink Experience

Calgary food and drinks survey occurs every year in February through March. The survey involves contestants to experience YYC’s food, and drinks and the winner gets the prize of the desired item.

Ice-Fishing; Ghost Reservoir

ice fishing calgary

Fishing over ice is the same amount of fun as customary fishing, whenever done correctly. Ice fishing is an excellent open-air activity for families with kids visiting Calgary in Winter. And suppose this is someone’s first-ever ice fishing experience where they aren’t aware of the nuances around it. In that case, they also can book any of the ice fishing tours in the city where the host will make all the arrangements, set up the equipment, and provide guidance on how to use it.

Calgary’s Ghost Reservoir is probably the best spot for this rhythmic movement where individuals will have the option to get an assortment of trout fish including Bull Trouts, Brook Trouts, Lake Trouts, Rainbow Trouts, CutThroat Trouts, and Brown Trouts. Other appropriate spots for ice fishing in Calgary are Chain Lakes Reservoir, Lake Newell, Eagle Lake, and Crawling Valley Reservoir.

Drink Good Coffee

winter indoor activity calgary

Head over to Rosso Coffee Roasters. A steaming cup of coffee in this cold weather is a must needed item. Most of the visitors flow the coffee shops to get warm while drinking a hot cup of coffee. Drinking a warm cup of coffee is one of the best Calgary winter activities that people need to give it a try. There’s nothing better than snuggling up with some espresso in the warm space of a cute restaurant. A solitary cup of their tasty caffeine will undoubtedly transform the guests into an espresso darling on the off chance that they are not as of now!

Winter Safety measures

The heavy snowfall, frozen lakes, icy activities, outdoor tours and participation in outdoor festivals, safety should be the number one priority of the people. It is essential to wear quality gear to face the harsh temperature of Winter in Calgary. People need to wear warm clothes to ensure the regulation of their health regardless of the winter season. Furthermore, if the weather is too cold to bear, then indoor activities are preferable. As long as people dress skillfully according to the weather, there will be no issue regarding winter in Calgary.

Calgary is the most voted tourism city in Canada where tourist in abundance visit during the winter season. If people dress well, stay active for most of the part, and warm up their body with a nice cup of hot coffee, then they are bound to enjoy their time in Calgary despite the winter season. Frozen arts, festivals, musical nights, bonfire, hiking, sightseeing, outdoor and indoor activities, they all add up to the beauty of glorifying Calgary.


What is the Coldest month in Calgary?

January is the Coldest Month in Calgary when the temperature is a low -13.2 Degree.

What should I wear to Calgary in Winter?

You must have warm boots, gloves, toque, puffy Jacket and a waterproof coat.

Does Alberta gets a lot of snow?

In the whole year Calgary gets 54.3 snowfall days and 1288mm of snow.

Things to do in Calgary with toddlers in Winter

You can take you, toddlers, to the Calgary Zoo, Inglewood Bird Sanctuary Calgary, and have fun in Butterfield Acres Calgary.

What to Pack for Winter in Banff in Canada

The things to pack for Winter in Banff in Canada are Down coat, Snow Pants, Large Parka, snow boats and layered socks.


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