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[Top 10] Zero-Waste Grocery Stores and boutiques in Montreal

It’s decided. You are starting a “zero waste” transition to save the planet. Here is a list of Montreal. Here are a few trendy and tasty eco-friendly groceries in Montreal to support next time you’ve got to stock up on groceries. merchants who have made the green shift and who are waiting for you with your containers.

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zero waste grocery stores in montreal

Since April 26, the metropolis has had a zero-waste online grocery store. offers to deliver its fifty or so products ranging from pasta to balsamic vinegar, toothbrushes and shampoo in returnable containers ($2 for jars, $3 for oil bottles). The latter, as well as when you return your beers to the convenience store, will be refunded for the next delivery.

The company offers to ship your purchases with Communauto’s hybrid vehicles and soon with cargo bikes in exchange for a $6 fee. Orders must be placed before Tuesday and are delivered on Thursday evening. Otherwise, there is a no charge option: pick up your “zero waste” groceries at the Bocal (703-5333 casgrain) on Friday between 1pm and 6pm.

BocoBoco was born out of a sociofinancing campaign, but the project was so successful that it received a $50,000 grant from the City of Montreal as a result of the popular “Zero Waste” contest.


Another Montreal company, Vrac sur roues, has been offering online bulk orders and bike delivery since August 2017. Double the green!

Vrac & Bocaux

zero waste grocery stores in montreal

This organic and zero-waste grocery store located in Montreal’s Petite-Patrie region will charm you with its minimalist décor and varied food products. There are no less than 750 products from 60 suppliers, most of them local. Bring your bags and containers to buy dry foods (nuts, flours, spices) and fresh products in bulk (eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt and soup).

6698 Christopher Columbus Avenue, Montreal

Mega Bulk

zero waste grocery stores mega bulk

Méga vrac is one of the most complete “zero waste” businesses in the city. On the shelves are more than 1000 food and household products sold without packaging, most of which come from here. You can find as much Kimchi as agave syrup, make-up remover, and coffee. During your visit you will probably come across Ahlem, the friendly owner.

The company has two branches, the first on Masson in Rosemont, then the second on Ontario in Hochelaga. “Our dream is that every neighborhood in Montreal has its own Mega Bulk”, says the website.

2649 Masson Street, Montreal
3562 Ontario East, Montreal

Épicerie Loco

zero waste grocery store loco

Another zero-waste grocery store in full expansion: LOCO, which offers a wide range of food and everyday products, ecological and without packaging. They make great discoveries to please themselves while promoting a healthy lifestyle. A new branch will soon open on the South Shore in Brossard.

422 Jarry Street East, Montreal
4437 Wellington Street, Montreal
7800 Bd. Taschereau, Brossard

zero waste grocery store frenco in montreal

In this beloved store on Saint-Laurent Boulevard, there is still some packaging, but it was one of the first to accept customers who took their containers with them. Fresh and dry products are just waiting for your reusable packaging. There’s also a nice coffee counter with vegan food if you feel like having a snack while you’re shopping.

3985 Saint-Laurent Boulevard, Montreal

Maison Écolonet
zero waste grocery store in montreal ecolo net

For the largest selection of eco-friendly household and body care products, go to Maison Écolonet. You will find a horde of bulk products ranging from dishwashing detergent to body clay and shower gel. Some items are sold with packaging, but are still environmentally friendly, such as Zorah organic lubricant or Druide deodorants.

925 Bélanger Street, Montreal

Jean Talon Market
zero waste montreal jean-talon

The city’s best-known market is an unself-proclaimed Mecca of “zero waste”. There are a ton of local producers on site who will be happy to put your fruits, vegetables, cheese, pastries, seafood in your containers. Yes, raspberries are often sold in plastic mugs, but merchants will gladly take them back once they are transferred to your favorite Tupperware.

7070 Henri-Julien Avenue, Montreal

zero waste products montreal

A pioneer in the bulk industry in Quebec, Lemieux has several points of sale throughout the province, in addition to its own boutiques. They carry about a hundred bulk products, including the most popular ones for laundry, in addition to toothpastes, body soaps and other household products. Over the past 20 years, the company has recycled and reused more than a million plastic containers! Impressive.

4777 Papineau Avenue, Montreal

(With Annie Lafrance)

Espace Zéro Déchet
zero waste grocery store espace zero dechets montreal

Not far from Montreal, in Blainville, there has been a brand new and beautiful business for a few weeks now: Espace Zéro Déchet, set up by the Quebec company that is banking on zero waste, Omaïki. In the minimalist two-storey space, you will find more than 150 products in bulk or with minimalist packaging, 80% of which come from local suppliers. Get your hands on household products, household items, skin care and raw materials to make your own cosmetics.

Omaïki also offers a new line of laundry products entirely made in Quebec in collaboration with the Pure brand. Everything is biodegradable and has not been tested on animals. There is a detergent, a sanitizer, an effective cleansing powder for cleaning reusable diapers, for example, as well as a 98.9% natural body lotion for mom and baby.

10, Gaston-Dumoulin, suite 700, Blainville

Pub La Cale
zero waste restaurants montreal

The Plaza St-Hubert will soon be home to an almost zero-waste pub where you can toast with a microbrewery beer or kombucha on tap and eat a bite from a short selection of mostly vegetarian and vegan dishes. All this while attending an artistic performance: theater, music, comedy show. Expect cloth napkins and not too many exotic fruits whose importation is polluting.

6839 St-Hubert Street, Montreal

👀Attitude -> in bulk collection

*Not too far from one of out top rated coworking space in Montreal!

The Quebec brand of vegan and hypoallergenic household and body care products Attitude has just marketed its products in a 4-litre format that can be used to fill the bottles you already have at home. The new eco-friendly containers are available in more than 1000 points of sale in Quebec.

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